Changes to London Fire Brigade rank structure

London Fire Brigade has returned some of its rank structure and officer roles to what it once was. The move follows a vote by members of the Fire Brigade Union in the London region.

Some years ago, the rank roles and officer roles of fire personnel were changed, however there was some resistance over the years to the changes.

The structural change will affect the ranks of Crew Manager, Watch A Manager and Watch B Manager. These will revert to their former rank titles as Leading Firefighter, Sub-Officer and Station Officer respectfully. A full list and outline of the current rank structure at London Fire Brigade is listed below.

960 LFB Rank Structure Officers
Pic: (London Fire Brigade)

London Fire Brigade has said the change programme will require a substantial amount of work and time to fully implement, as it affects all areas of the brigade. In a statement, LFB said ‘We’ve listened to our staff and will now begin the process of a new watch structure and officer roles’.

LFB is the second largest fire authority in the UK and has a staff level of almost 6,000 personnel operating from 103 fire stations from within 5 fire brigade divisions.

Many questions are being asked about the projected change and LFB has said that ‘a project team will try and address any points raised and we will communicate more when we have it.’

London Fire Brigade’s updated rank structure.

Fire Brigade Rank Structure_London Fire Brigade EMergency Times
Pic: (Emergency Times)

Current rank titles, their roles and responsibilities:

Commissioner for Fire and Emergency Planning (Chief Fire Officer)
The Brigade’s principal officer. Responsible for the overall running of the organisation.

Deputy Commissioner for Fire and Emergency Planning
Responsible for the day-to-day running of the Brigade’s operational workforce.

Assistant Commissioner
Assistant Commissioners are senior officers responsible for community fire safety, service delivery, operational response, operational planning, statutory fire safety and training and development.

Area Manager
Previously senior divisional officer. Responsible for day-to-day management of an area of fire brigade operations or policy.

Group Manager
Previously divisional officer. Responsible for management of a group of fire stations or day-to-day work in a specific policy area.

Station Manager
Previously assistant divisional officer. Responsible for management of a fire station or day-to-day work in a specific policy area.

Watch Manager B(Changed to Station Officer)
Previously station officer. In charge of the watch at larger fire stations. Carries out day-to-day fire-fighting and fire safety work or junior work in policy areas.

Watch Manager A(Changed to Sub-Officer)
Previously sub officer. In charge of the watch at smaller fire stations or the crew of a fire appliance. Carries out day-to-day fire-fighting and fire safety work.

Crew Manager(Changed to Leading Firefighter)
Previously leading firefighter. In charge of the crew of a fire appliance at many stations. Carries out day-to-day fire-fighting and fire safety work.

Carries out day-to-day fire-fighting and fire safety work.

960 LFB Rank Coller
Pic: (London Fire Brigade)

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FESSEF’s emergency service weekend reaches new heights

With just two weeks to go to Ireland’s Emergency Services weekend in Dublin, event organising group FESSEF are in the final stages of preparations for this year’s three-day event.

On Friday 8th September, a concert will be held in the Pro Cathedral by kind permission of his Grace, the Archbishop. Various bands from the various services around Ireland will perform at the concert.

FESSEF Launch 17 b
Photo: Courtesy FESSEF Forum

The band of An Garda Síochána, the Dublin Fire Brigade Pipe Band and the National Ambulance Service Pipes and Drums band are all set to perform at the concert while the RTÉ Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra are also expected to perform.

Saturday is a big day for the emergency, voluntary and security services where they all showcase themselves and their services, their equipment and resources and it’s a proud day for many who will parade through Dublin as part of the FESSEF events.

Speaking to Emergency Times, FESSEF Chairman Seamus O’ Neill outlined to Declan Keogh what is involved this year. ‘This is our fourth year and it has become bigger and better each year. The parade will assemble at 11am on Saturday 9th in Parnell Square, where it leaves at 12midday, passing through O’Connell street, over O’Connell Bridge, into D’Olier Street and into Trinity College’.

Seamus O Neill
(FESSEF Chairman Seamus O’Neill. Photo: Declan Keogh / Emergency Times)

‘From 11am to 4pm, each of the services will be on-show once again this year with a few more additions since last year. Last year’s event saw the biggest turn-out at Trinity College so far and this year is set to be even bigger again. Trinity College have been wonderful in supporting our event for the past few years and they have been delighted by the numbers of visitors, tourists and inter-service personnel who visited the emergency services day at the college last year and this year we aim to build on that and we have extra services coming on board too’.

Emergency Services Weekend Collage Photo
Photos: (James Doyle / Emergency Times)

Saturday night ends the day with a Gala Dinner and while there are only a limited number of tickets available for the Gala Dinner, tickets sold out fairy quickly and anyone interested in attending are being placed on a waiting list. Senior Heads of Services, Officers and Commanders of services attend the Gala Dinner which is also attended by a Minister of State.

FESSEF Gala Dinner
Photos: (James Doyle / Emergency Times)

This year’s Gala Dinner will mark a special memorial to the crew of Rescue 116.

All proceeds from the night go towards the nominated charities Bumbulance and O.N.E.

This year’s event will run into a third day which includes a Barbeque for all the volunteers, personnel and their families who have helped with the event so far. Seamus O’ Neill said, ‘We want to say a big thank you to all the people who helped out, attended or took part in the parade and this year we are putting on a barbeque for them, and it will be a day of celebration for everyone involved’.

LISTEN: Chairperson of FESSEF, Seamus O’ Neill speaks to Declan Keogh on